The Agrotechnology study program at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang is an undergraduate study program (S1) that was founded in 1985 and has Superior accreditation based on BAN-PT decision No. 11722/SK/BAN-PT/AK-ISK/S/X/2021. The UMM FPP Agrotechnology study program has a vision "By 2030 it will become a reputable agrotechnology study program at the international level in the development and application of knowledge in the field of Agrotechnology that supports sustainable agriculture based on Islamic values". The education and teaching process in the Agrotechnology Study Program which is supported by the availability of complete laboratory infrastructure and experimental fields aims to ensure that graduates are ready to work as practitioners, researchers/academics, and entrepreneurs in the field of Agrotechnology.

The students were provided with mastery of the latest science and technology in the field of Agrotechnology including molecular technology, genetic engineering, and other aspects of biotechnology as well as IoT and drone-based technology. The Agrotechnology Study Program has qualified human resources consisting of 3 Professors, 13 Doctors, and 4 masters divided into 3 scientific groups, namely Agronomy, Soil Science and Plant Pests. Supported by expert and experienced teaching staff, this program integrates scientific knowledge with the latest agricultural practices, preparing students to become leaders capable of facing future agricultural challenges. In the learning process, students also have the opportunity to take part in the Independent Learning and Independent Campus (MBKM) program through Student Exchange, Professional Internships, Research Assistantships, Village Building, and other activities both domestically and abroad such as in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

The Agrotechnology Study Program at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang also opened a Professional Seed Production class in collaboration with the national and international seed industry, thereby opening up opportunities for alumni to work as seed industry professionals or as partners in the field of seed production.

There are also various scholarships available that really help smooth your studies at the UMM FPP Agrotechnology Study Program, thus further increasing the achievements of UMM Pasti. Welcome to the UMM FPP Agrotechnology Study Program, you will definitely graduate on time and you will definitely work independently.