Public Facilities

Public Facility

Having a vision to become a leading university in the development of science, technology, and art (IPTEKS) based on Islamic values, one of the UMM efforts is providing various facilities to support the activities of the entire UMM academicians.

- UMM Campus from Bird View- 


- UMM Dome  - 

 The UMM Dome was built in 1998. This building was officially used in mid-2005. Since then, the UMM Dome has been managed professionally for various national and even international events. UMM Dome consists of a Hall with a capacity of 10,000 people and an exclusive Theater Room with a capacity of 500 people.



- Canteen, one of the student favourite place for spending leisure time provides variety of foods and beverages - 


One of the welfare services for students is providing food and drink needs. UMM has several cafeterias, namely: Mawa Canteen, Kopkar Canteen, Hotspot Canteen, Kopma Canteen and Mosque Canteen. Apart from that, a canteen was also established on campus II.


- Library - 



- Student Center - 


- UMM Medical Center (or the so-called UMM Clinic) serves UMM academicians and public - 

Providing health services to the general public using a family doctor approach model, namely health services that are comprehensive (complete), sustainable and at a cost that can be reached by all levels of society by prioritizing maximum quality of health services



- UMM football field, used for local matches and competitions - 



- Tennis court for the exercise and spending leisure time - 



- Basketball field at UMM  - 


- Volleyball, one of the favorite sports - 



- UMM Grand Mosque - 

 Masjid | Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang


- UMM Gas station - 


- UMM Hospital provides 24-hour health services for UMM academicians and public - 




- UMM Dormitory - 



- Public Space - 



- UMM study corner - 



- speedy internet connection and quiet atmosphere -


- Transportation-

UMM has many other facilities. Click here for more information.


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