Form of Study Plan & Academic Achievement Record


Active students are required to fill out a Study Plan (KRS) at the beginning of each semester before attending lectures each semester. The KRS schedule follows the UMM academic calendar. Filling out the KRS is intended so that students can choose what courses they will take in a particular semester. The provisions for filling out the KRS are as follows:

  1. Filling in the KRS can be done when students have registered, that is, they have paid off their fees, tuition fees, DPP, and other expenses.
  2. The KRS has filled in online on the website by logging in (filling in the NIM and PIC number).
  3. The number of semester credit units (SKS) that can be programmed in one semester is determined by the GPA score in the previous semester (see the academic guidebook for more details). Final semester grades can be seen at in the Study Results menu.
  4. Students are NOT permitted to take different classes in each subject.
  5. Especially for first-semester students, the KRS is filled in automatically, so students do not need to fill in the KRS independently.
  6. For students who take MBKM, the programmed courses can be taken across study programs within UMM.

Academic Achievement Record (KHS)

At the end of each semester, students will receive a Academic Achievement Records (KHS) containing the results of student learning during lectures based on several assessment points, including attendance, assignments, activities in class, mid-semester exam scores, final semester exam scores, and practicum. KHS can be accessed via the website


For further information, visit the website


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