Center of Excellent Plant Seed Production

Program Center of Excellent (COE) Professional Class of the Seed Industry, Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture-Animal Science, UMM, is a class that facilitates students to learn upstream to downstream seeds of seeds both true seed and vegetative seeds.

Based on the CoE Curriculum according to the Indonesian National Work Competency Standard (SKKNI) NUMBER 186 OF 2018, the learning program includes pure line selection (R&D), crossing, propagation of planting material, seed production, seed quality testing, seed certification, post-harvest, to marketing. This is intended to be able to prepare the quality of Agrotechnology graduates who are ready to compete in the national-multinational seed industry as well as entrepreneurs in the Indonesian seed sector.

The advantages of the Center of Excellent Professional Class Program for Seed Industry, Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture-Animal Science UMM include:

  1. Seed industry professional class program facilitates students as professional research assistants in the field of seed
  2. Can carry out professional internships in the seed industry
  3. Improve quality and professional expertise in the seed industry
  4. Carry out applied research in the field of seed technology to support the development of the seed industry

The competencies expected from the seed industry class are:

  1. Making students experts in the field of food crop seed production, horticulture and plantations
  2. Increase expertise in the field of plant seed management and storage
  3. Improve expertise in the process of quality assurance of plant seeds
  4. Improving soft skills and hard skills in the development of plant seed production research

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