Basic Laboratory

1.      Biologi Laboratory

2.      Physics Laboratory

3.      Chrmistry Laboratory

Expertise Laboratory

1.         Soil Laboratory

2.        Laboratory of Plant Pests and Disease

3.        Seed Technology Laboratory

4.        plant Ecology Laboatory

5.        Laboratory of Genetik and Plant Breeding

6.        Biotechnology Laboratory

7.        Mikrobiology Laboratory

8.        Plant Fisiology Laboratory

Experimental Farm


1.    Organic Vegetable Unit.

2.    Organic Apples Unit.

3.    Organic Rice Unit.

4.    Gardening Unit

5.    Ornamental Plants Unit

6.    Mushroom Production Unit of fresh and processed.

7.    Organic Fertilizer and Pesticides Unit

Computer Laboratory

In an effort to improve administrative services accurately, quickly and well, and toimprove the performance of research and ability of students using computers, UMM has been equipped with 3 local computer laboratories, each laboratory has more than 100units of computers.


Language Laboratory

Language Laboratory (Language Laboratory), is provided as a means of teaching and learning complete with various amenities. Language lab helps students in menguasaaitarget language (target language), both active and passive.





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