Student activity units

Thursday, November 16, 2023 00:00 WIB

The UMM UKM Expo will be at the UMM helipad from today to Saturday! There are several provisions that you must pay attention to! :
1. It is mandatory for the class of 2023 to attend because the UMM expo is one of the requirements for student day graduation.
2. Must do attendance which can only be done at the SME PRESENCE AND SPECIALIST stand
3. At the end, students of the class of 2023 MUST choose 1 UKM at the stand

There's also a bazaar at this UKM expo🤩 Come on, take your circle to the expo from today until Saturday! Don't miss it! See u🤩👋🏻

Tanggal : Thursday, November 16, 2023 00:00 WIB - 16 November 2023
Tempat : Helipad
Biaya : -