UMM Agrotechnology Lecturer Develops Innovative ZPT Formulation to Stimulate Growth of Ornamental Plant Roots and Shoots

Monday, July 17, 2023 08:46 WIB

Malang - Dr. Ir. Fatimah Nursandi, MSi, a lecturer in Agrotechnology at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), has succeeded in developing a Plant Growth Regulatory formulation that has the unique ability to stimulate root and shoot growth in ornamental plants. This innovation is expected to make a significant contribution to increasing the quantity and quality of ornamental plants.

The Plant Growth Regulatory formulation created by Dr. Fatimah Nursandi for ornamental plants has two main products, namely PROKAR  and Pronas. PROKAR is designed to induce and multiply roots in plants, while Pronas stimulates the growth of many healthy shoots. Prokar contains auxin while Pronas contains cytokinins and gibberellins. Prokar has been shown to be effective for inducing the roots of ornamental plants Aglounema, Philodendron, Fittonia while Pronas increases the number of tillers of ornamental plants Aglounema, Dracaena, Philodendron, pineapple, and onion bulbs

The use of Plant Growth Regulatory Pronas and Prokar formulations can provide significant benefits for ornamental plant lovers. Faster root growth will increase the absorption of nutrients and water by plants, thereby increasing the strength and durability of ornamental plants. Meanwhile, Plant Growth Regulatory Pronas increases the number of shoots so that the number of plants in one pot increases and the appearance of the plants is more attractive and lush making it suitable as an element to beautify a room or garden. This product is expected to help ornamental plant lovers in caring for and maximizing the potential of their plants.

Dr. Fatimah Nursandi hopes that the Plant Growth Regulatory formulation innovation she has developed can make a real contribution to the development and maintenance of ornamental plants. Prokar and Pronas products are the result of a combination of scientific knowledge and practical needs in caring for ornamental plants. It is hoped that with these innovative products, ornamental plant lovers can easily enhance their plants' growth and beauty, making their room or garden fresher and more attractive.