Initiation of Collaboration between Agrotechnology UMM and PT. Syngenta Seed Pasuruan

Friday, July 07, 2023 17:49 WIB

Pasuruan, 7 July 2023 - On Friday, 7 July 2023, there was an initiation of a historic collaboration between the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Agrotechnology Study Program and PT. Syngenta Seed Pasuruan. The event was attended by Dr. Ir. Agus Zainudin, MP as the Head of UMM Agrotechnology Study Program, Aulia Zakia, SP., MSi as the coordinator of the Seed Industry professional class (CoE), as well as representatives of the directors of PT Syngenta Pasuruan.

This collaboration initiative aims to facilitate the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education, which consists of education, research, and community service. Collaboration between UMM Agrotechnology and PT. Syngenta Seed Pasuruan is expected to make a significant contribution to the development of science and technology in the field of agrotechnology, as well as strengthen partnerships between universities and industry.

Within the framework of this collaboration, UMM Agrotechnology and PT. Syngenta Seed Pasuruan will share knowledge and experience in agriculture and seed development. The university will provide access to PT. Syngenta to conduct research and seed testing in laboratory facilities and experimental gardens owned by the UMM Agrotechnology Study Program. Meanwhile, PT. Syngenta will provide internship opportunities, joint research, and curriculum development for UMM Agrotechnology students and lecturers.

Both parties are very optimistic about the initiation of this collaboration. Agrotechnology UMM saw the potential of this collaboration as an opportunity to improve the quality of education and research in the field of agrotechnology. By being directly involved in the industry, UMM Agrotechnology students will be able to hone practical skills that are relevant to the world of work and have the opportunity to contribute to the research and development of innovations in the agricultural industry.

On the other hand, PT. Syngenta Seed Pasuruan also hopes that this collaboration will provide great benefits. Through the partnership with Agrotechnology UMM, this company will gain access to knowledge and resources owned by the university. This will strengthen the ability of PT. Syngenta in developing high-quality and competitive seeds, so they can contribute positively to national agriculture.

Collaboration between UMM Agrotechnology and PT. Syngenta Seed Pasuruan is clear evidence of the synergy between the world of education and industry. It is hoped that the initiation of this collaboration will be an excellent first step in building mutually beneficial long-term partnerships, as well as encouraging the growth of the agricultural sector through research and innovation.

Head of the UMM Agrotechnology Study Program, Dr. Ir. Agus Zainudin, MP, hopes that the initiation of cooperation between UMM Agrotechnology and PT. Syngenta Seed Pasuruan can produce productive and sustainable collaborations, by providing benefits for students, lecturers, and industry. He hoped that through this collaboration, UMM Agrotechnology students would be able to gain valuable practical experience, while lecturers could be involved in innovative research and development relevant to industry needs. In addition, he hopes that this collaboration can enhance the reputation and recognition of the UMM Agrotechnology Study Program as an educational institution that is committed to sustainable and innovative agricultural development.